How Your Steel Pails are Sustainably Made 🍃

July 12, 2022 | By Jeff Swan | Topics: Press Release
We are proud to announce that we’ve been awarded a Silver Medal from EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, intelligence, and collaborative performance improvement tools for global supply chains 🌳

The EcoVadis methodology is based on international sustainability standards (Global Reporting Initiative, United Nations Global Compact, ISO 26000), and supervised by a scientific committee of sustainability and supply chain experts, to ensure reliable third party sustainability assessments.
We are ranked in the top 18% of companies rated by EcoVadis in the Manufacture of other fabricated metal products industry.

​​​​​​That means your steel pails are made in a factory that is in the top:

  • 24% of fabricated metal companies for positive environmental impact
  • 5% of fabricated metal companies for finding sustainable procurement solutions
  • 17% of fabricated metal companies for following strict but fair code of ethics standards

We are committed to continually improving our processes and practices to minimize our overall environmental impact. Since our last assessment in 2019, our overall score increased thanks to additional measures we implemented at all our pail plants.

Next year we are aiming for a gold medal!!

I encourage you to read more about our Sustainability pledge in general and why steel is the smarter choice in general for your business here.

Stay healthy,
Dan Roether
Vice President of Sales

Jeff Swan

Hey there! My name's Jeff Swan and I'm the Sales and Marketing Specialsit at Cleveland Steel Container.

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