Frequently Asked Questions

Click the questions below in order to read answers to some of our frequently asked questions. Have a question that’s not listed here? Contact us and we’ll answer your question via email.

Yes, please contact one of our sales representatives to have them recommend the best lining to protect your product.

Yes, however, freight charges will vary by final shipping destination.

UN rated pails are single trip containers.

For Non-UN-rated pails it depends on the product being shipped.


Please contact a customer service or sales representative here to see if you can re-use your pail.

Pail height is dependent on the type of pail and its respective covers or fittings.


Please visit our documentation page here if you would like to see your specific pails height.

Yes, unless a customer requests an uncoated interior.

We strongly discourage uncoating a pails interior as it will likely rust.

Pail weight depends on the desired covers and the fittings added to them.


Please contact a customer service or sales representative here to find the exact weight of your pail.

The price of a steel pail can vary based on product attributes.

Features such as lithography, cover fittings, and special shipping arrangements can increase the total cost of the pail.


Please contact one of our sales representatives here to get a custom quote for your specific pail needs.

Yes, we can provide interior linings that have FDA approval.

California is the only regulatory jurisdiction which requires a child warning label (CWL) on steel pails that have a capacity from 4-6 gallon. The rest of the states do not require it. Some companies decide to place it on all of their steel pails because it would be quite difficult to segregate their steel pails based on state or know for sure what state a steel pail might end up in. If a steel pail is found in CA without a CWL, the violation is actually a criminal misdemeanor.


All 4 of our pail plants are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

You can learn more about our ISO certifications and overall steel pail quality here.

We make every attempt to keep our lead-times at 10-15 working days for plain painted steel pails and 15-20 working days for decorated steel pails. Our business is seasonal so lead-time will vary. Please check our Current Lead Times for the most up-to-date information.

Yes, even with our Triplex Technology™, all open head UN rated steel pails need a 24 gauge cover.

At Cleveland Steel Container we offer a free-of-charge service to determine if you need a UN rated steel pail and what rating you need. All we need is a MSDS and your shipping method and we will let you know if you need a UN rated steel pail and if yes, what UN rating you need based on the product/MSDS that you submitted.

Yes, we have standard drawings of our steel pails and covers on our web-site on the Documentation page.

For plain painted steel pails and covers the minimum order quantity is 1000 steel pails/covers.

For decorated pails/covers the minimum order quantity is 2000 steel pails/covers.

You can order less than these minimums but a special small order charge will apply. The amount of the small order charge depends on the steel pail/cover type and quantity.

It typically takes about 6-8 weeks from start to finish for a normal job. However, depending on the quality of the artwork supplied and the number of changes made this time frame can vary.

Yes, in fact, if you are a new customer, Cleveland Steel Container strongly recommends that you evaluate a sample before you buy. Our customer service or your sales rep can assist in providing you with the correct samples.

No, the pail needs to be filled to 98% of the pail capacity.

We manufacture a variety of sizes ranging from 2.5 gallon up to 7.5 gallon.

We do not produce plastic pails or anything smaller than 2.5 gallons and larger than 7.5 gallons.