I want to inform you about a significant regulatory change in the industrial packaging industry this year.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) now requires cans and other fuel containers to feature a “flame mitigation device.” This new rule will be effective in July 2023. 

This is directly from CPSC:

​​​​​​“The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is making gas cans and other fuel containers safer by requiring flame mitigation devices. The new mandatory safety standard will go into effect in July 2023. Congress required the agency to put rules into place to protect consumers under the Portable Fuel Container Safety Act (PFCSA) of 2020.

Flame mitigation devices, such as flame arrestors, protect against flame jetting and container rupturing. Flame jetting is a phenomenon where an external ignition source – such as an open flame – causes a sudden ignition of fuel within a container and forcefully expels burning vapor and liquid from the mouth of the container, resulting in a blowtorch-like effect. Container rupturing is like flame jetting, except the burning vapor and liquid are expelled through a rupture in the container.”

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For us, that means any steel pail being used to contain fuel or other highly flammable materials will now be required to use one of these flame mitigation devices. This applies to:

Luckily, our friends over at Rieke have worked hard on a Rieke Flex Spout and other steel pail fittings that meet these new stringent federal guidelines.

Photo generously provided by Rieke

Once these new Flex Spouts are approved, they will be available at all 4 of our steel pail plants for customers to purchase if they need them.

Please check with your team to ensure your products do or do not require these new flame mitigation Rieke Flex Spouts!! CSC is not responsible if you order a pail without a required flame mitigation device!

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