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“A Company Driven by Customer Satisfaction”

Cleveland Steel Container Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of steel pails in the United States. The Company markets its products throughout North America to both large Fortune 500 companies as well as small, family-owned businesses.

Cleveland Steel Container

We offer three different pail designs that are manufactured at all of our pail plants along with a large selection of pail and cover options.

Options include: pail size, exterior color, lithography, interior coating, UN rated/non-rated, gasket, cover type and cover fitting.

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We offer three different types of cover designs for our open head pails. Covers are available in standard colors, premium colors or lithography.

Cover options include the UN Hi-Perform lug cover, the non-regulated Destacker lug cover, as well as the Ring Seal Cover with lever locking ring.

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The standard cover for a open head pail is a 16-lug crimped on cover with latex flowed-in gasket. A variety of tubular gaskets can be submitted where particular product compatibility issues are of concern. Ring Seal covers with lever-lock or bolt style rings are available.

Cleveland Steel Container can customize other features of the pail such as bead location, ear orientation, child warning labels, grips, special markings, etc. Just ask.

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We offer a variety of different cover fitting options for dispensing or tinting your products including: extendable pour spouts, 2” and 3⁄4” drum fittings in both nylon and steel, tint and vent plugs, plastic and metal screw caps and dust caps. For a complete list of fitting options please contact us.

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Standard colors are white, gray and black. Full range of exterior coatings are available to match company colors or product line marketing scheme. Exterior varnish applied to all litho products.

Premium colors shown do not represent actual color or our entire color selection. Please contact us for a color chip for color matching.

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Full range of interior linings available to insure product integrity and compatibility. Cleveland Steel will assist customers with product compatibility testing to match appropriate interior pail linings. Pail inserts including plastic trays, cradles and liners are also available.

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Cleveland Steel Container’s specialty products include the steel pail with a poly bottle insert, the UniPakTM System which uses a plastic cradle to hold a 1 gallon tin can, and the steel pail with full plastic liner. We are flexible and responsive to each customer’s particular needs.

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