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September 23, 2022 | By Jeff Swan | Topics: Covers, Fittings, Lead Times, Litho Pails, Plain Pails, Press Release

After careful consideration between the general managers at each of our pail plants, our management team, as well taking into account our reduced lead times, we have decided to adjust our company-wide order placement policy. Effective immediately, customers will not be able to place any steel pail or cover order more than four months out from the current month.

For example, if it is October 2022, the furthest out you could place your steel pail order is February 2023. That would be four months from the current month. 

We are implementing this change due primarily to the large number of orders we are already receiving for 2023. While we appreciate the foresight from our customers, placing orders this far in advance can be a logistical nightmare for us. When we plan for certain steel pails to be built in advance, only for many of those orders to be changed or canceled since they were placed so far in advance, it wastes valuable time and resources for everyone.

The good news is that this new order placement policy and our reduced lead times will continue to allow us to help achieve our #1 goal to “Make Good Pails and Deliver Them On Time.”

If you have any questions about this order placement policy change, please feel free to contact your customer service representative or regional sales manager via phone call or email. You can find your representative or sales manager directly on our website at

Jeff Swan

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