Reminder: 29 Gauge (Black Plate) Steel is being Replaced with 28 Gauge (Cold Rolled) Steel

April 14, 2023 | By Jeff Swan | Topics: Covers, Litho Pails, Plain Pails, Press Release

I’m excited to announce we will begin using 28 gauge (Cold Rolled) steel to replace our 29 gauge (Black Plate) steel starting in May 2023, depending on your pail plant.

This means 29 gauge (Black Plate) pails and covers will be replaced with 28 gauge (Cold Rolled) steel pails and covers moving forward.

You can read all about this change on our website at www.cscpails/ or by following the link here!

Below you can see an example of how the CSC Part Numbers and Item Descriptions will differ after we switch over to 28 Gauge (Cold Rolled). Changes are highlighted in yellow. 
Steel Gauge CSC Part Number CSC Item Description
29 Gauge Pail
(Black Plate)
10028 N_29_29__50_GRY_INH_3.5″DB_BLK GRIP
28 Gauge Pail
(Cold Rolled)
18023 N_28_28__50_GRY_INH_3.5″DB_BLK GRIP


Steel Gauge CSC Part Number CSC Item Description
29 Gauge Cover
(Black Plate)
28 Gauge Cover
(Cold Rolled)


*Your plant customer service rep will notify you of your actual change date*

Please don’t hesitate to contact your sales manager if you have questions about an upcoming pail order or anything else involving Cleveland Steel Container. They are there to help answer all your questions or handle any issues that may arise.

Jeff Swan

Hey there! My name's Jeff Swan and I'm the Sales and Marketing Specialist at Cleveland Steel Container.

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