Why We Excel

Our Differences

We Manufacture Steel Pails Only – This allows us to focus all of our resources towards making the best steel pail in the industry. Making the best steel pail does not happen by accident, it takes years of machinery upgrades and continually making improvements to our operating systems.

Our “Customers First” Culture – is truly about “making good pails and deliver them on-time.” Privately Owned Company – Cleveland Steel Container was founded and privately owned by Christopher I. Page for over 50 years and is now an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) company. This guarantees that we will never be sold or “flipped” to another entity.

ISO Based Quality Management System – At the heart of our quality system is our desire to continually improve on our quality and products. The process starts with insisting on the highest quality materials from our suppliers. Then we manufacture pails with the most innovative well maintained machinery in the industry. Maintaining tight quality standards requires constant learning and training. Our learning training program and plant audits are designed to make sure the values and standards we live by today will endure in the years to come.


Guiding Principles
At Cleveland Steel Container we live by our Guiding Principles. Our Guiding Principles give us purpose and direction and are focused around four main areas:

  • Consistently Deliver Superior Products and Services
  • Support, Develop and Value our Team
  • Maintain Reliable and Efficient Operations
  • Plan, Grow and Improve for the Future

Technology and Innovation – At our Technical Center all of our innovations, process improvements, new machinery and machinery upgrades are designed and built with a large in-house staff of engineers, fabricators and mechanics.

How to Buy our Products – We sell our pail products on a direct basis and through a large network of distributors. Direct sales are usually geared towards customers that can buy multiple truckload quantities. For customers requiring one-stop shopping, shorter lead-times, special services and less than truckload quantities, buying from an authorized CSC distributor is ideal. Visit our Locate page to view Distributors, Plants, and Sales Territory maps.

Highly Recognized UN Program – The majority of our steel pails products are used to package hazardous materials. As a result, we have focused on developing the safest, strongest steel pail in the industry. We offer a wide range of UN ratings and a variety of UN pail designs. In addition, we offer a special service for our customers on the proper UN selection and use of our closing instructions.