You may need to do a double-take to see the difference, but we just made a small but mighty modification to the ring seal pail cover! 



Thanks to our internal philosophy of Continuous Improvement, where we are always working on improving your pails, our Tech Center team has modified your current ring seal cover.


By slightly adjusting the channel where the cover sits on the curl of the pail, our covers now lay flush when placed on a steel pail. This allows a cover to fit easier and seal better than ever before. Below is an AutoCAD rendering further comparing the improved and old covers.​​​​​​



Cosmetically, your covers look exactly the same. You only notice a difference when you lay the new and improved cover on a pail compared to an old one.

All in all, it’s a small change that makes your ring seal cover and pail work better than before. 

If you have any questions about an upcoming pail order, don’t hesitate to contact your sales manager!
I hope you enjoy this new tray packaging system we have implemented at all our pail plants.