" Strength, Reliability and Safety "
" Triplex™ Technology exceeds standard testing "
" Feel the Strength of Steel "
" Quality, Service and Value "
" Over 50 years of making steel pails "


Cleveland Steel Container manufactures all of our steel pails in the United States. We service all of North America and can ship everywhere in the world on a direct basis or through a wide network of distributors. Our steel pails are the best choice for your products when it comes to reliability, durability and a smart choice for the environment.




When your product’s demands are critical, there is no other choice than steel pails.  Steel endures as the ultimate material for building all kinds of things that last.  When you’re seeking the best steel pail, there is no better choice than Cleveland Steel Container.






Steel is tough, reliant and economical. In a wide variety of applications and products, steel shines as the most cost-efficient, consistently performing, and reliable material.







Often you can get your deliverables from here to there using materials other than steel. But when strength is key, there is no substitute. Steel pails are up to the most demanding conditions, whether from inside or outside. Steel pails are resistant to fire which makes them perfectly suited for flammable and combustible materials. Most fire safety officials and insurance carriers agree that steel is the safest bet for the protection of life and property when transporting hazardous materials. And they are strong enough to be filled and stacked with the most hazardous chemicals and solvents.