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Lithography – Let us help you design your lithographed steel pail or cover and turn your steel pail into a cost effective marketing tool. We do all of our printing in-house using either conventional or UV ink with state of the art computer controlled ink applicators on our printing presses. To help maintain short and consistent lead-times, all of our pail manufacturing plants have their own metal decorating operations.



Spot color designs can be cost effective when utilizing only a few solid colors. A lithographed pail or cover will allow you to proudly display your company name, logo or color. It also provides plenty of print area for product information, application instructions, hazardous and warning statements and other important information. A varnish overcoat is applied to protect your design.



Process color designs allow for photographic images to be printed with crystal clear detail. The images are created from process colors – cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK). This type of lithography will feature your product’s full potential such as life- like water droplets, wood grain and fabric texture.

Steel Pail and Cover Lithography

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