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Sustainability Policy

Cleveland Steel Corporation’s Environmental Policy

Cleveland Steel Container is dedicated to the protection of our natural resources and the environment. As a leader in the steel container industry, Cleveland Steel Container produces steel containers that meet and exceed all performance and regulatory requirements of governmental agencies as well as customer’s individual requirements. The steel pail is the premier container to safely ship, store, and fill our customer’s hazardous and non-hazardous materials and products.

Cleveland Steel Container is committed to improving our processes and practices to minimize our impact on the environment. Our commitment to this policy will be exemplified through the following actions:

Comply with all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations regarding the environment, health, and safety of our employees.

Reduce our environmental footprint through point source reduction and waste minimization programs.

Evaluate and implement new innovative technologies that reduce our need for raw materials and reduce our emissions from our facilities.

Benchmark and measure environmental metrics to ensure these actions lead to viable and relevant improvements to our environmental footprint.

Encourage employees to take responsibility for the environment, health, and safety of performance of not only themselves, but fellow employees and the Company.

Through Management’s support and leadership, this policy will show dedication to environmental stewardship and ensure the continued business success of Cleveland Steel Container

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Sustainability/Environmental Policy

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