" Strength, Reliability and Safety "
" Triplex™ Technology exceeds standard testing "
" Feel the Strength of Steel "
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" Over 50 years of making steel pails "

Current Capabilities

Today, Cleveland Steel Container manufactures a full array of steel pail products. The Company has designed its pails in accordance with ANSI standards. Pails are available in both Open Head Nested and Straight-side styles as well as Tighthead style. Gallon sizes range from 2.5 to 7.5. A full range of UN-rated pails is available to meet the hazardous materials transportation requirements of each customer’s filled package.

Cleveland Steel customizes each order according to customer requirements and specifications. A full array of exterior coatings, interior linings and fittings are available. In addition, the Company maintains full metal lithography capabilities to satisfy the marketing requirements of its customers. Finally, the Company works with each individual customer to satisfy specific packaging and delivery requirements.