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Closing Tool Repair Program:

Authorized Closing Tool Repair Center for…

Purpose:  Cleveland Steel Container “CSC” recognizes the need for a proper crimp on our UN-rated and Non-regulated steel pails & covers.   For those using a UN rated package, a proper crimp is critical to achieving a valid UN rating on our containers.  Our pails and covers are designed to be crimped according to our UN closing instructions.  The only way to achieve a proper crimp is to use a closing tool designed and calibrated to crimp heavy gauge UN rated covers.  To help our customers keep their closing tools in good operating condition, CSC offers a closing tool repair program.  The direction of this program are as follows:

  • The first step once you are on our website cscpails.com is to click on the “closing tool” tab and then select “closing tool repair.”
  • Please read the instructions below that explains our process. After you read these instructions, you will then be prompted to check the box and complete the repair form.
  • CSC will attempt to repair your closing tool if the tool is made by either Grotnes or Carando and if parts are available. Also, CSC can only repair closing tools that are meant to close 2.5 – 7.5 gallon steel pails.
  • Hand tools, pneumatic tools and semi-automatic tools qualify for repair.
  • Some tools may not be worth repairing due to the age or amount of repair work needed. CSC can sell you a new closing tool if you determine that your old tool is not worth repairing (contact your CSC sales rep.)
  • A copy of the repair form “must be enclosed” with the tool when shipped to CSC.

Please send your tool to:
Cleveland Steel Container-Tech Ctr.

Attn: Tony Stetson
10048 Aurora Hudson Rd.
Streetsboro, OH 44241

  • Your CSC customer service representative (CSR) will be your point of contact to manage your repair. For technical questions about your repair, you may contact Tony Stetson tstetson@cscpails.com or 330-968-1151.
  • Once we receive your tool, we will review the problem and the overall condition of your tool. Your CSR will send you an email with an estimate. We will always provide an estimate for the repair before any work is done.
  • If you indicate “YES” to proceed, a purchase order (PO) will be needed before any work can start. If you indicate “NO,” we will return your tool according to your return shipping instructions on the repair form.
  • The repair time will depend on parts availability and workload. The average lead-time from when we receive your estimate approval is approximately 3-4 weeks.
  • CSC will attempt to calibrate your closing tool to the best of our ability so that it properly crimps a CSC cover.
  • Once your tool is repaired, you will receive an email notification that your tool is ready to be sent back to you. We will ship your tool according to your return shipping instructions on the repair form.

Your Closing Tool Repair Request Form will not be sent in for processing until you have hit the submit button at the end of the questionnaire!

Make sure you print out a copy of the form you submitted. After you print the form, please enclose it with the tool for repair.

Closing Tool Repair

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